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Unlocking the Power of LLMs with LangChain

As an AI and software professional, you’ve likely heard the buzz around large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3, ChatGPT, and their growing capabilities. These powerful models can handle a wide range of natural language tasks, from text generation to question answering. However, effectively leveraging LLMs in your own applications can be a complex challenge. That’s where LangChain comes in.

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Building an OpenAI-Powered Chatbot using Python and Jupyter Notebooks

Welcome to a step-by-step guide on creating an intelligent chatbot powered by OpenAI using Python and Jupyter Notebooks. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the fundamental concepts and guide you through the process of building a simple yet effective chatbot that leverages the power of OpenAI’s language model.

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Vault for storing secrets (plus Spring Boot & Mongodb)

So this is a mix of a couple of howtos. First, we have a simple Spring Boot app that retrieves some data from a MongoDB database that has authentication enabled to access it. Next, we will see how to store secrets in a Vault implementation and then programmatically access it (in our case the user ID and password to access the database).

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Using Spring Boot to invoke ChatGPT/OpenAI API

OpenAI provides us the ability to invoke its features via RESTful APIs. This blog shows how to invoke the API using Spring Boot. There is nothing special here and no OpenAI Java libraries that I use. One can do the same in standard Java (non-spring) or even in more concise code with Nodejs. But here goes a sample with Spring Boot.

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ChatGPT, BARD – AI to write blogs & entire apps (the future is coming)

So it’s been some time since I wrote a blog. As I was figuring out what my next blog is, how could I ignore ChatGPT, BARD and the AI excitement that it has brought about (or re-awakened among many of us). And then there is GitHub’s Copilot and AWS CodeWhisperer! Code assistants that can make us slightly more efficient developers.

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Thoughts on dealing with burnout in tech

Mental Health with Kelsey Hightower on the always amazing Software Engineering Daily podcast –

This was a great podcast, and I want to thank Kelsey and Jeff for doing this talk. Burnout is a topic we do not talk about openly in the tech community; at least that is my experience over the years. I wish Jeff the very best as he navigates this. In this blog, I share some thoughts about one mental health condition that some of us face – burnout at work. My thoughts here are tied to the software engineering occupation, but it might resonate with other fields too.

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